Showing an example of art on the left and photography on the right
I am a neurodivergent artist based in Dorset.
Keen to combine my passion for photography with my enthusiasm for painting, I have created the ‘Artistic Fusion’ project which tells the story of how my journey into the world of art has split into two parallel pathways.
My acrylic work is inspired by the many hours I spend walking along the Jurassic Coast. It reflects the strong emotional attachment I have to the magnificent cliffs which define our coastal landscape but whose very essence is slowly eroding into the sea.
I use bold colours and a mixture of definite and indefinite shapes to capture the essence of this magnificent coastline, highlighting both its beauty as well as its fragility.
This complements my graphic monochrome photography for which I use patterns and symmetry to highlight the interaction between shapes and light while at the same time trying to create well defined compositions and maintain a harmonious contrast between light and dark.
It is my plan to show the ‘Artistic Fusion’ project in a series of exhibitions in 2024, including Dorset Art Weeks.
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